Heart to Heart

The Weill Cornell Heart to Heart Community Outreach Campaign (H2H) is a mobile free diabetes and cardiovascular disease outreach intervention clinic that brings medical/nursing faculty and students to the underserved communities of NYC; including the uninsured and undocumented. The goal is to identify new cases of CVD/Diabetes and intervene early before the onset of severe symptoms. Participants are screened for diabetes and heart disease risk factors through onsite exams including blood tests. Afterwards, participants receive a medical consultation to offer personalized medical advice and referrals to free/low cost clinics and/or insurance enrollment if needed. Participants may also enroll in a follow up program to help them improve their health and get rescreened.

What We Do

Screenings and Services Offered At Each Event:

  • Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes Risk Assessment (HbA1c and blood glucose testing with results on site).
  • Heart Disease Risk Assessment (Lipid Panel including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides with results on site).
  • Detailed consultation with a health professional (attending physician, nurse practitioner, etc.)
  • Eye Disease Screening (visual acuity, manual visual field, extraocular muscle function, and intraocular pressure.
  • Referral to free Insurance Enrollment Assistance.
  • Referral to free and low cost Clinics including the Weill Cornell Community Clinic.
  • Enrollment in a follow up program to help improve health and get rescreened.

What We Have Done

Starting in 2016, the program is also offering eye screenings to a limited number of participants at each event. In addition, the program will be testing a new device that allows images of the retina to be taken with a smartphone. The hope is to use this device to make eye screenings cheaper and easier to conduct in the community setting.

The program is staffed by volunteer attending physicians from Weill Cornell Medicine, Nurse faculty from Hunter School of Nursing and volunteers students from Weill Cornell Medicine, Hunter College and Hunter School of Nursing. A research arm of the program seeks to examine disease prevalence in the communities of NYC, barriers to healthcare access, and effectiveness of program follow up components. 

This program is free to all community based organizations and is typically ONLY offered on weekends. Sessions take 4 hours and a full list of services is below. Please complete the PDF icon Heart to Heart Request Form to request a free health screening on behalf of your community organization.

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Heart to Heart Introduction

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