Funding Pre-Award

A primary mission of the CTSC is to provide funding for promising new areas of research, especially those involving collaboration between traditionally separate disciplines. In addition, the CTSC is committed to training the next generation of clinical and translational scientists through the provision of pre- and post-doctoral training awards that provide junior faculty with protected time in which to conduct research and learn about the research process. In addition to funding and training awards offered directly by the CTSC, many similar and complementary funding opportunities exist from the federal government and private foundations. The CTSC facilitate research at all levels by providing direct funding and information on external funding opportunities when they become available.

New requirement by the NIH: All human and vertebrate animal research applications selected for funding will be required to submit additional documentation, regarding IRB or IACUC, to undergo pre-approval by our funding NIH institute, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) prior to initiation and funds disbursement.

Investigators are strongly encouraged to submit IRB and IACUC protocols early in order to avoid significant delays in project initiation. Applicants must also be current on institutional compliance regulations.

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