Resources & Support for Community Research

The CTSC Community Engagement and Research Component (CERC) provides comprehensive support for investigators, students, or community members interested in community based research studies and outreach projects. If your study is not community-based, visit Research Resources for Clinical & Translational Research Unit services.

If you are unsure if your project qualifies as community based research, please contact Jeff Zhu at

Please note that research support is limited to projects that involve faculty/student/staff of CTSC partner institutions (list here) and/or community organizations.

Services Provided for Community Based Studies and Outreach Projects

  1. Creating Community Outreach Programs: Assistance in designing, resolving regulatory issues, implementing and continued support for community outreach projects; including student run and volunteer based projects.
  2. Finding Partners: Assistance in finding partners (both academic researchers and community organizations) for community based research.
  3. Study Design Support: This includes assistance with ensuring cultural competency in research projects and overcoming the challenges of community based research.
  4. Recruitment Support: CERC can assist in subject recruitment for research studies and in some cases, complete study activities in a community setting (generally limited to survey based studies).
  5. Data Management and Data Entry: CERC can work with the CTSC Informatics Core to help develop a secure research database for your project and in some cases, assist with data entry.
  6. Funding: The CTSC offers several grant opportunities for community based studies. Refer to Funding Opportunities for details.
  7. Other services: If there is an unlisted service or resource you require for your community based project, please contact us to see if we can help.

If you have any questions, or would like to request support from the CTSC Community Engagement and Research Component, please contact Jeff Zhu at

If you need to start a new WebCAMP Application for your resource request or modify an existing application, please visit this page.

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