High Throughput Drug Screening

The Englander Institute has completed the first phase of implanting a new high throughput drug screening platform with the goal of identifying optimal treatment for each individual patient.  By developing organoid models from patient tumors and testing them using this state of the art robotic platform the EIPM will test the efficacy of thousands of compounds upon every patients tumor to identify the optimal treatment for each patient.  By combing this data with the comprehensive genomic platform at the center of the EIPM, this new automated system will enable us to identify optimal treatments for all patients with advanced cancer.


The HTDS facility is an integrative robotics system that connects some of the most coveted laboratory equipment on the market into a fully modular, HEPA filtered unit. With capabilities such as high content imaging, endpoint reads using a variety of PMT channels, in house static and dynamic incubator systems, a centrifuge and a state of the art liquid handler connected by two robotic arms and a powerful scheduling software, users are able to run fully customized experiments from start to finish in a sterile environment. All assays will eventually be able to conform to 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

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