Translational Workforce Development

Workforce Development Programs

The goal of our Translational Workforce Development Core is to ensure that the translational science workforce is to equip with the skills and training to advance technologies and therapies to improve public health. We will work to enhance research training of all team members. The Workforce Development Core Component focuses on creating a team environment, closing the circle to form a unified team that is seamless and continuously learning to meet the needs of an ever changing translational environment. Working together with our Clinical and Translational Science Award network partners, we will develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate clinical and translational workforce training for faculty and staff.  The CTSC’s Clinical Translational Education Program (CTEP), offered since 2007, focuses on integrating C/T trainees MD’s and PhD’s (TL1 and KL2) within the same Master’s core curriculum, encouraging interactions and stimulating basic scientists to consider developing careers in translational research—an exciting benefit.  Workforce development would be incomplete without formal training for all involved in the research process to facilitate innovative translational research, and ensure overall team integration - closing the circle. The training program for CTSC staff will equip nurse managers, research study assistants, the research navigation team, and project coordinators.

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