Mass Cytometry

Revealing cellular variations in perceived homogenous populations has become crucial to characterizing immune responses, understanding cancer cells, studying the effectiveness of biological therapies, and gain more insight in areas of neuropathology. Furthermore, biomarker discovery efforts in translational medicine are increasingly reliant on antibody mediated approaches for protein detection in fixed tissue sections and cytological preparations. 


The Hyperion™, Tissue Imaging System enables simultaneous detection of 4 to 37 protein markers labelled by metal-tagged antibodies and pairing proven CyTOF® technology with the capability to image fixed tissue sections (FFPE) and fresh / frozen tissue, making it possible to deeply interrogate tissues (including tumors) at subcellular resolution while maintaining spatial relationships. This is particularly important in the development of immunotherapies given the diversity inherent in the immune repertoire. 


Learn more about this advanced technology for single-cell analysis, and the powerful, affordable and actionable tool for exploring complex biological processes here.

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