General Core Laboratory

The General Core Laboratory, operated and funded through the CTSC, develops and carries out research-related sample analyses to investigators from any of the CTSC partner institutions. Current and prospective clinical and translational investigators are encouraged to inquire about any assay or analytical technique that may prove useful in their research. The experienced staff of the Core Lab can work with investigators to prepare and test new assays for use. The General Core Laboratory holds a clinical laboratory permit from New York State Department of Health. The core lab is located at the second floor of F building (Room F-269) of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.

Services Offered:

  • Sample processing and storage: The core lab processes not only the samples assayed in the core lab, but also samples sent to outside labs for analysis. Samples processed in the core lab include biological fluids (blood, urine, saliva, stool, CSF, culture media, etc.), cells and tissues. The samples will be stored in the core lab until assay completed or further processed as specified to the investigator.
  • Bulk immunodiagnostic, endocrine and biochemical assays: This enables planning of multiple sample-per-patient studies where instrumentation issues, sample size or precision requirements make performance of assays elsewhere impractical.  Please refer to the list of core laboratory assays for tests that are currently offered in the online WebCAMP application system. If you need a specific assay not on the list, please contact us. All assay results will be posted on the online CLIMS system.
  • Various assays for cell biology including cell count & viability, cell proliferation, cell apoptosis, cell cycle, DNA damage, autophagy, CD4, CD8, CD25, CD69, nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species, etc.
  • User-Run services: The core lab currently provides User-run services to all investigators in our medical college for the Meso Scale Diagnostics Multiplex analysis platform and the Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP imaging system.  The core lab will provide tutorial training and technical support for the users. Please click here to make a reservation.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if my desired assay is not included in your list?

The investigator may contact the lab supervisor at 212-746-8910, or director, and add the assay name in the free-text box in the online application system. The core laboratory will work with the investigator together to develop and validate new assays.

2. Does the core lab provide sample processing only and sample shipment?

Yes, we provide sample processing service following your established protocol and shipment service to your destination by our certified staff.

3. How should I initiate a request for core lab resource?

You need to submit an application in the WebCAMP online system to request the resource. Please click here to submit an application. If you have any question for application submission, please contact Pankaj Patel at 646-962-8154, or email to guide you the application submission.

4. How to submit specimens to the core lab?

Once your application is approved, please work with the lab supervisor together to complete a core lab Assay Request Form to guide you how to collect and submit the samples.

5. How long does it take to get the assay results?

The core lab provides the flexibility for assay schedule and performance based on your scientific justification. The lab supervisor will work with the investigator together to create a desired assay schedule.

6. How can I obtain the assay results?

When your assays are done, the results will be posted on our CLIMS online system, and you will receive an email informing you for any new assay result. You can click on the link in the email and log in the system to view and download the results in Microsoft Excel format. If you have any question related to log-in the system or the data, please contact the lab supervisor at 212-746-8910.



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