Research Navigation Team

A novel addition to team research, the Research Navigation Team is comprised of research coordinators who can expedite the research process by introducing investigators to the CTSC and all its facilities including its research infrastructure, support services and technical cores. Their ombudsmen-like activities escort investigators through the research process, from protocol design to project completion; they initiate the formation of multi-disciplinary team research and facilitate its function.

Services Offered:

  • Filing regulatory paperwork (i.e. IRB, CTSC)
  • Recruiting participants from hospital clinics
  • Obtaining informed consent
  • Administering non-invasive research assessments
  • Creating research databases and entering data

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much time can a research coordinator devote to my study?

Every research coordinator works on about five clinical research studies, devoting 15-25% effort to each study.

2. What kinds of research services can the research coordinators perform?

The research coordinators can perform a variety of services in support of studies. Each research coordinator has access to EPIC/Allscripts and can screen through the electronic medical record to identify eligible patients. Once identified, the research coordinators can contact the participant (either via phone/e-mail or at the bedside) and enroll in the study. In addition to scheduling the visits and obtaining informed consent, the research coordinator can perform basic, non-invasive research assessments such as grip tests, walking tests, breathing tests, and questionnaires/surveys.

3. What kinds of research services can’t the research coordinators perform?

The research coordinators cannot perform clinical/medical procedures, such as blood draws. The CTSC is equipped with research nurses to perform these services. Learn more about the nursing services HERE.

4. Where can the research coordinators perform visits?

The research coordinators can conduct study visits within the CTSC inpatient/outpatient units and other clinic spaces at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Special accommodations for off-site or community-based study visits may be granted on a case by case basis.

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