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Professional Skills Acquisition Training


CTEP offers a multitude of skills acquisition courses, seminars and workshops throughout the year designed to enhance translational research careers at any level. Previous workshop topics have included:

  • Biostatistics Lecture Series
  • Drug Development and FDA Regulations
  • Medical Device (Good Clinical Practice) Overview
  • Investigator-Initiated Trials and the Role and Responsibilities of the Investigator
  • Preparing IND Submissions: How to Organize, Write, Submit and Track Submissions
  • Planning and Writing Successful Grant Proposals
  • Planning and Writing Successful K Award Proposals
  • LGBTQ+ Communications and Health Needs

All workshops require advanced registration and are open to attendees from WCMC and CTSC partner institutions.

Upcoming Events:

Biostatistics Lecture Series

Presented by:

Paul J. Christos, DrPH, MS

Director, CTSC Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and
Research Design (BERD) Core
Associate Research Professor
Healthcare Policy & Research, WCM

This lecture series is geared towards clinical investigators, research staff, and students who are interested in gaining insight into fundamental research design and statistical concepts with a focus on practical knowledge. No prior statistical experience is required and lecture series topics are meant to be stand-alone and do not require attendance at previous lectures.

Advanced registration required. To view 2019-20 dates and RSVP click Here.


Biostatistics Lecture Series: Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing & Confidence Interval Estimation: Applications of the Two-Sample T-Test and Chi-Square Test
Biostatistics Lecture Series: Introduction to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Multiple Comparison Testing

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