Metabolic Research Unit

The Metabolic Research Core implements a range of nutrition research methods in support of clinical investigations. In addition to the specially equipped metabolic kitchen, the Core resources include expert personnel and equipment to conduct indirect calorimetry, body composition analysis, and to measure anthropometry. Up-to-date software resources support nutritional analysis of dietary records, in addition to the design and nutrient profiling of foods, meals, and full menus specified per research protocol. The lead dietitian-bionutritionist offers expertise in human nutrition research design and methodology and serves to consult and collaborate with clinical investigators within the CTSC community.

Services Offered

  • Nutrition research design consultation
  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Bioelectrical impedance measurement for body composition assessment
  • Indirect calorimetry measurement for resting energy expenditure and fuel utilization
  • Nutrition assessment, counseling, and monitoring for individuals and groups
  • Research diets including weighed, controlled and balance diets
  • Staff training for multi-center trials

Available Tools

  • Metabolic research kitchen, expert staff
  • Metabolic cart for indirect calorimetry
  • Bioelectrical impedance device for body composition
  • Anthropometric measurement equipment
  • Nutrient analysis software


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How should I initiate a request for Nutrition Research Core service?

Submit an application in the WebCAMP online system to request the resource. Please click here to submit an application. If you have any question for application submission, please contact Pankaj Patel at 646-962-8154, or email to guide you the application submission.

2. I’m an investigator planning future research and I would like to incorporate Nutrition Core services, should I contact the CTSC?

If you’re an investigator planning future research that utilizes Nutrition Core services, the Nutrition Core staff can assist you in designing and drafting the nutrition components of the research. Please contact Pankaj Patel at 646-962-8154, or email with a description of the services in your project.

3. Could the Nutrition Research Core dietitian provide training to research staff, or nutrition counseling for patients in our current study, even if the study patients do not receive their diet from the metabolic research kitchen?

Yes. The Nutrition Research Core can provide one or more services for approved research.

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