Clinical & Translational Resources

The CTRU is a network of resources and facilities, providing an efficient infrastructure for clinical research. Forming an integrated, dynamic resource, it includes professionally staffed patient care inpatient and outpatient units for adults and children, and resources and services for conducting scientifically sound studies. A trans-institutional resource, it is integrated with partnering institutions and a robust community engagement and outreach program.

CTRU's available resources include:

  • Dedicated inpatient and outpatient facilities to conduct patient oriented research studies
  • Experienced Research Navigation Team (RNT)
  • Research nurses and phlebotomists to conduct study procedures
  • Metabolic Research Unit including skilled bionutritionists, metabolic kitchen and body composition assessment
  • Specimen processing

Outpatient facilities extend to the Experimental Therapeutics Center (ETC) at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center — a center designed to advance new therapies from the laboratory to the clinical setting. It provides an infrastructure that allows investigators to conduct pharmacokinetic studies and other complex research that can be so crucial to early drug development. The ETC also provides another site where diverse groups of physicians and scientists can meet and collaborate. The experience of the MSKCC staff and the resources of the ETC can be expected to substantially enhance the productivity of the CTSC.

Clinical & Translational Science Center 1300 York Ave., Box 149 New York, NY 10065