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2021 Summer Awardees

News and Congratulations 


Rachel Hill

MD Candidate | Class of 2024

Rachel Hill will explore the prevalence of hyperkalemia and hypotension in women taking spironolactone for acne, hair loss, and hirsutism.

Mentor: Shari Lipner, MD, PhD, Dermatology, Weill Cornell Medicine.

Emily Cheng

MD Candidate | Class of 2024

Emily Cheng will explore the most effective transperineal systematic prostate biopsy template for clinically significant cancer detection

Mentor: Jim Hu, MD, Urology, Weill Cornell Medicine.

Hudson Lee

MD Candidate | Class of 2024

Hudson Lee will explore the development of antibodies against toxic adducts between alpha-synuclein and neurotransmitter metabolites in Parkinson's Disease.

Mentor: David Eliezer, PhD, Biochemistry, Weill Cornell Medicine.

Emily Mello

MD Candidate | Class of 2024

Emily Mello will explore the hospital admissions for pediatric convulsive status epilepticus to seasonal and geographical variations in viral disease.

Mentor: Zachary Grinspan, MD, MS, Population Health Sciences, Weill Cornell Medicine.

Joshua Kim

MD Candidate | Class of 2024

Joshua Kim will explore gut microbiota and new onset diabetes mellitus after transplantation

Mentor: John Richard Lee, MD, MS, Nephrology and Hypertension, Weill Cornell Medicine.


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