2022 Summer Awardees

News and Congratulations 


Kaylie Chen

MD Candidate | Class of 2025

Kaylie Chen’s research will explore the safety in vision preservation and adverse events associated with glaucoma drainage implants.

Mentor: Sarah Haseltine Van Tassel, MD, Ophthalmology, Weill Cornell Medicine

Michael Ong

MD Candidate | Class of 2025

Michael Ong’s research examines the retrospective study of birth complications in women diagnosed with pityriasis rosea during pregnancy.

Mentor: Shari Lipner, MD, PhD, Dermatology, Weill Cornell Medicine.

Marc-Anthony Rodriguez

MD Candidate | Class of 2025

For his research, Marc-Anthony Rodriguez will explore enhancing anti-lymphoma response to immune checkpoint blockade therapy by targeting defective antigen presentation with EHZ1/2 inhibitors.

Mentor: Reberta Zappasodi, PhD, Hematology and Medical Oncology, Weill Cornell Medicine.

Rajbir Toor

MD Candidate | Class of 2025

For her research, Rajbir Toor will examine the human cytomegalovirus and host B cell co-evolution across the lifespan.

Mentor: Lisa Roth Giulino, MD, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Weill Cornell Medicine.

Karena Zhao

MD Candidate | Class of 2025

Karena Zhao’s research explores the TMB landscape in matched primary and metastatic samples.

Mentor: Luc Morris, MD, MSC, FACS, Head and Neck Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


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