Welcome & Our Mission

Within the past 10 years, the Weill Cornell Medical Center Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) has become a strong and highly effective integrated translational science infrastructure spanning diverse partners- each a center of excellence.  With our multi-institutional Hub firmly in place and with its myriad accomplishments, we are prepared to move to CTSC (2.0) to fulfill our mission of making the imaginable real. This well-orchestrated network of interdependent stakeholders will be enhanced, while continuing to foster creativity, innovation and dissemination within our hub. Built on the accomplishments previously achieved, the strategic plans for CTSC 2.0 are geared to rapidly advance translational science discovery by:

  • Using our composite skills to develop studies of complex populations across the individual lifespan disseminating the translational research findings regionally and national.
  • Expanding our community outreach program to design and implement research with a sustainable impact on underserved populations. 
  • Extending flexibility in workforce development by providing non-degree as well as degree granting translational research educational programs, including externships and novel mentoring initiatives.
  • Enhancing informatics to facilitate regional and national initiatives designed to allow cohort identification through the electronic medical records.
  • Translating precision medicine to drug discovery. Importantly, eleven CTSA’s associated with Schools of Veterinary Medicine have formed a partnership called Clinical Translational Science Award One Health Alliance (COHA) to leverage resources for multi-institutional clinical studies with larger animals that relate to human disease. These efforts synergize with the Tri-institutional Translational Drug Development Institute (Tri-I TDI) and the Institute of Precision Medicine (IPM) to accurately test new targeted therapeutic agents. The Tri-I TDI is a unique collaboration between Weill Cornell Medicine, its partner Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and the Rockefeller University CTSA.

Clinical & Translational Science Center 1300 York Ave., Box 149 New York, NY 10065