2024 Master’s Degree in Clinical Translational Investigation RFA

Deadline Date: 
5PM on March 20, 2024

Courses Begin September 2024

The CTSC Master's Degree Program is comprised of a didactic curriculum of core and elective courses and a mentored clinical research project. During the first year, trainees work with their mentors to develop and refine their research project. In the second year and third year (if needed), trainees will utilize the skills acquired from the didactic curriculum to conduct their research project, at 75% time and effort (50% minimum for surgeons and other specific clinical specialties).

Research projects must have a translational or clinical research focus. Pre-clinical studies should have near-term potential to translate into patient-oriented research. Emphasis is placed on precision medicine, drug discovery, targeted therapeutics, biomarkers, device development and novel technologies, LGBTI health needs, underserved populations, community health outcomes, pediatric and women’s health studies, life course studies of diseases, and studies incorporating biostatistical methodologies and design.

The goal of the Clinical & Translational Education Program (CTEP) is to educate and train highly motivated individuals to become successful, independent clinical and translational (C/T) investigators with a strong foundation in the knowledge and practical skills necessary to conduct C/T team research across disciplines and institutions.  

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  • 75% time and effort (50% for surgeons) devoted to performing and completing a mentored clinical & translational research project during the training period
  • Presentation of the mentored research project at a CTSC Research in Progress Luncheon
  • 30 credits of didactic curriculum (22 Core and 8 Elective)
  • A grant submitted to the NIH or other funding agency requiring peer-reviewed funding with the trainee as the Principal Investigator, or a first author article submitted to a high-quality, peer-reviewed, scientific journal
  • A presentation of the mentored research project at a local, national, or international scientific conference
  • A presentation of the mentored research project at a Research-in-Progress networking lunch
  • Master’s Degree Thesis (Written Thesis and Oral Presentation)



Upon submission to the online application module ePAR, your application will undergo review based on several Application Review Criteria.

Applications are due by 5pm on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. Candidates will be notified by June 2024 of their applications final disposition.  At that time, if selected, the applicant will complete additional required enrollment, regulatory, and compliance documents within 30 days.

Questions? See CTEP FAQs, or email CTSC-Education@med.cornell.edu

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