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Mobile platforms, including smartphones and wearable devices (e.g., Fitbit), offer vast new opportunities for research.  Not only can mobile devices support questionnaire-based data collection, they can also collect an expanding array of biometric and geophysical data including heart rate, movement, location, and eating habits, and can be programmed to interact with research participants in a variety of ways. The CTSC is partnering with the Cornell Tech Campus and the Bioinformatics Core at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to offer a new “app development” service to selected researchers.  This work will build upon ResearchSuite, an infrastructure developed at Cornell Tech that leverages Apple’s ResearchKit and the Cornell-developed ResearchStack (which supports android devices).  Through a case-study model, the CTSC will collaborate with selected research teams to build app-based solutions to novel research challenges.  Over time, this work will result in an expanded toolset for use in future studies, and the ability to serve a larger number of studies concurrently.

Please contact Hamzad Persaud, MSEd, for further information.

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