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Certificate in Clinical Research Methodology

The Clinical Research Methodology Curriculum (CRMC) is conducted at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to promote greater flexibility for trainees from across the CTSC partner institutes. The CRMC is a one-year clinical research methodology for investigators with clinical research experience seeking to obtain up-to-date knowledge in the field of clinical research. The curriculum allow participants to either enroll in the entire program or audit specific components that address self-identified educational needs.

Clinical Research Methodology One-Day SymposiumMulti-Session Clinical Research WorkshopsWeb Courses
Module 1 - Ethical Conduct, Regulations Involving Human Subjects Research, Data Management, Reporting Responsibilities, Conflict of Interest, Institutional OversightGrantsman Workshop for Fellows and Junior Faculty (8 weeks, mornings)HIPAA Requirement for Researchers in Medicine
Module 2 - Clinical Trials: Trial Designs, Correlative Sciences, Ethical Considerations, Regulatory OversightBiostatistics in Clinical Research (7 weeks, eveningsHuman Subjects Research
Module 3 - Drug and Medical Device Development: From Pre-Clinical Testing to FDA ApprovalClinical Epidemiology (3 weeks, afternoons)
Module 4 - Clinical Research in Outcomes Measurement and Analysis, Biological Markers, Early Detection Epidemiology, and ChemopreventionProtocol Writing Workshop (4 weeks, evenings)

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